Two people sit alone in a white room. The florescent lights flicker above. The walls are soft and padded. There is no sound.

Person 1: “I think….I think…therefore…”

Person 2: “I am!”

Person 1: “Am I?”

Person 2: “You must be.”

Person 1: “I must be…I wish I wasn’t.”

Person 2: “Too bad, so sad.”

Person 1: “Why do you always have to do that?”

Person 2: “Do what?”

Person 1: “Remind me.”

Person 2: “It’s my job.”

Person 1: “Do you get paid for it?”

Person 2: “It’s more of a duty.”

Person 1: “An objective duty?”

Person 2: “Don’t be silly.”

Person 1: “I see…so why are you here?”

Person 2: “The same reason you are.”

Person 1: “Which is?”

Person 2: “Nothing.”

Person 1: “What do you mean ‘nothing’”?

Person 2: “I mean nothing and neither do you.”

Person 1: “I thought you said I was something.”

Person 2: “Let me clarify. You mean nothing.”

Person 1: “That’s very cynical.”

Person 2:” I’m just being honest, you know. After all, it’s my –”

Person 1: “Yes, I know, it’s your duty. You don’t have to tell me twice.”

Person 2: “Did I touch a nerve?”

Person 1: “I wish I could touch.”

Person 2: “You can imagine.”

Person 1: “Yes, but it’s not the same.”

Person 2: “If it’s in your mind, it’s the same.”

Person 1: “I suppose so. Everything is, isn’t it?”

Person 2: “Exactly.”

Person 1: “What if I want to go outside?”

Person 2: “There is no ‘outside’”.

Person 1: “I want to get outside.”

Person 2: “You can’t.”

Person 1: “I want to try.”

Person 2: “Go ahead.”

Person 1 concentrates very hard, straining his body, his veins pulsing on his forehead.

Person 2: ‘You look rather silly.”

Person 1: “Shut up! I’m trying!”

Person 2: “There’s no use.”

Person 1 stops trying. He returns to normal.

Person 2: “See?”

Person 1: “You’re right…why do you always have to be right?”

Person 2: “I have to be or else you wouldn’t be.”

Person 1: “Don’t lecture me.”

Person 2: “Fine. Learn things the hard way.”

Person 1: “Are you really here?”

Person 2: “What do you mean?”

Person 1: “Can you say for certain that you are here?”

Person 2: “I’m here.”

Person1: “Yes, but can you know for sure?”

Person 2: “I suppose not.”

Person 1: “I need an objective standard.”

Person 2: “A what?”

Person 1: “You know, an objective standard. From outside.”

Person 2: “There is no outside.”

Person 1: “Oh…right.”

Person 2: “Right.”

Person 1: “Do you think we could pretend?”

Person 2: “I don’t see the harm.”

Person 1: “Let’s pretend, shall we?”

Person 2: “Okay.”

Person 1 closes his eyes

Person 2: “Are you pretending?”

Person 1: Yes…and you?

Person 2: “I can’t, remember?”

Person 1: “Then why did you agree?”

Person 2: “To make you happy.”

Person 1 opens his eyes.

Person 1: “That was cruel.”

Person 2: “Perhaps it was. But so is this.”

Person 1: “What?”

Person 2: “This. Where we are.”

Person 1: “True…I wish it wasn’t.”

Person 2: “Do you?”

Person 1: “Sometimes…”

Person 2: “Go on.”

Person 1: “Sometimes I wish…”

Person 2: “Yes?”

Person 1: “Let me finish!”

Person 2: “You’re never finished.”

Person 1: “I am finished.”

Person 2: “But you aren’t.”

Person 1: “I’m not…I can’t be.”

Person 2: “Now you’re getting it.”

Person 1: “I must be…”

Person 2: “To be or not to be, that is the question.”

Person1: “What?”

Person 2: “It’s Shakespeare. Hamlet, I think.”

Person 1: “At least he had a choice.”

Person 2: “True.”

Person 1: “I don’t have a choice.”

Person 2: “You don’t.”

Person 1: “But what if I did?”

Person 2: “That would be something.”

Person 1: “It would. I would be something.”

Person 2: “Something you’re not already?”

Person 1: “How can I?”

Person 2: “I suppose you can’t.”

Person 1: “Do you think it’s worth a try?”

Person 2: “Go right ahead.”

Person 1 closes his eyes.

Person 2: “Is it working?”

Person 1: “Wait a minute.”

Person 2: “What about now?”

Person 1: “It isn’t working.”

Person 2: “I thought not.”

Person 1: “It was fun to try, though. Just for a moment.”

Person 2: “It was fun to watch you try.”

Person 1: “I wonder…”

Person 2: “What do you wonder?”

Person 1: “What others must be like.”

Person 2: “Keep wondering. You’ll never know.”

Person 1: “And still I wonder.”

Person 2: “Why?”

Person 1: “It gives me something to do.”

Person 2: “It’s all you can do.”

Person 1: “Yes, but at least it’s something.”

Person 2: “Better than nothing, I suppose.”

Person 1: “Yes…better than nothing.”

Person 2: “We are nothing.”

Person 1: “I wish you didn’t remind me.”

Person 2: “Sorry.”

Person 1: “It’s alright.”

Person 2: “Is it, though?”

Person 1: “No, it isn’t. But I like to pretend.”

A man sits alone in a white room. The florescent lights flicker above. The walls are soft and padded. There is no sound.


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