Not long after the dissipation of The One, there arose an especially bright and ethereal creature on earth. By nature, the creature was full of potential and power, but was also a creature that was conflicted in mind and body, for it seemed to love and hate itself, and would often try to harm itself because of this. Sometimes it would feel too much and other times too little. Sometimes it would show great strength, and other times it would show great weakness. Sometimes it would show great mercy, and other times it would show none.

One day this ethereal creature felt so at war with itself that it decided to split itself into two separate pieces which became more solid and defined in shape. Once the split was made, however, lasting peace was achieved. The two parts, no longer bound to the ethereal being, had themselves become free beings of the earth. No longer at war, they saw each other as equal partners and recognized themselves for what they were: two bodies sharing the same soul.

However, after an incalculable period of years, the two parts began to distinguish themselves from each other, for as they continued to spend more time together, they found that there were small but noticeable differences between them.

By climbing trees together, one of them found it was better at climbing, and by swimming the other found it was better at swimming. One found it was better at dancing, and the other better at making music. One found it was better at building, and the other at planning. At first these things didn’t seem to matter much, for they knew they were part of the same whole. However, the more the two beings focused on these small, unimportant differences, the more important these differences became.

After another period of years, the two equal parts had learned to take a special kind of pride in what they could do better than the other. The one who was better at climbing liked to think of itself as a tree climber, and would make a show of climbing trees often just to reaffirm this fact. The other being, who was better at swimming, began to think of itself as a swimmer, and would swim often to prove this.

As the years passed, however, both beings began to feel different. Suddenly the one being felt it could not climb as well as it once had, and the other could no longer swim the same, for they realized that they were that they were mortal. Soon they would pass into the earth, their spirits returning to The One from which all things come.

Upon realizing their inevitable fate, they became afraid and decided to do something they had not though of before: they would attempt to join themselves together. However, as much as they tried to join themselves permanently, they could never become one in the way they once were, for although their souls were the same, their bodies were different.

Still, not content to give up on their attempt, they searched their bodies to find the ways that they matched and tried to put them side-by-side, but this did not work either. Suddenly in their search they found two parts which were different, and by putting them closely together, they realized that they could feel a sense of oneness they had not felt since being split from the ethereal being.

Although this feeling of oneness was only temporary and did not save them from death or return them to the whole, they nevertheless began to enjoy this feeling of oneness so much that they would lie close together for days at a time until they grew hungry or tired from it.

After another incalculable period of years passed and the habit of lying together was established, both beings noticed something strange: within their separate bodies, other distinct bodies had begun to form. At first this made them very afraid, for they feared that their souls might be swallowed by the presence of these new beings, and so they cast them out of themselves.

However, once these new and smaller bodies were cast out of the two beings, they began to realize what had happened. For these new bodies, while at first appearing different and alien, began to look and act much like the two beings who had made them.

After seeing how similar they were to themselves, the two beings were excited by their creation, and over time, grew to love the creatures they had made. In fact, the two beings grew to love their creations so much that they began to teach them everything they knew about climbing, swimming, dancing, and singing so that they would know the best and proper way to do these things when they were older.

Like their parents, these new beings were also equal but different from each other. Though they both came to learn of the things their parents had taught them, they were taught different skills depending on how much they looked and acted like one parent or the other.

While the one parent who had thought of itself as the superior climber emphasized the teaching of climbing and dancing to the one that resembled it most, the parent who thought of itself as the superior swimmer began to emphasize the teaching of swimming and singing to the one that resembled it most.

Because of their differences in appearance and ability, and because of the ways their parents had taught them, each of these smaller beings grew up thinking of themselves as distinctly different from the other, for their parents had failed to teach them that they had both come from the same soul.

Instead of seeing themselves as parts of the whole, they saw themselves as separate and distinct from each other, and began to divide themselves further than their parents had. By the time they reached maturity, one identified themselves not by their commonality with the other, but by their own ability and appearance. Not only did both beings constantly climb and swim to affirm that they were the better than the other, but each had grown to think of itself as a climber or as a swimmer, a dancer or a singer.

As another incalculable amount of time passed, and their parents died from old age, the two beings became very sad, for they missed their parents dearly. In fact, they missed them so much that in order to immortalize their memory and the ways they had been taught, these beings began to draw markings on themselves in the form of tattoos so that they would not forget where they had come from or what they had each been taught.

By the time these beings reached old age and had offspring of their own, they too would teach them as their parents had, tattooing different symbols on their chests. These symbols would let them and others know what they had been taught, what they could do, and how they should see themselves in relation to others – as different bodies with different souls.

As time continued to pass and these beings continued to grow, reproduce, and die, the importance of their different tattoos became greater and greater until they began to take on a life of their own. Soon there were beings that were marked with tattoos who could only climb trees, while others who were differently marked were only allowed to swim. Some were marked for dancing, and others could do nothing but sing. So strong was the meaning and the power of these symbols that they began to control the beings that had created them.

One day, one of the beings marked for climbing grew tired and decided to sit down against a large tree to regain its strength. However, while it was resting, it heard a band of singers singing a beautiful melody just outside of the forest. As the climber listened to the melody, the music made it smile and its spirit was lifted so high that it forgot the state of its exhausted body altogether.

In fact, the melody had filled it with such rapture and joy that a forbidden urge welled up within this being which it simply couldn’t suppress any longer. And so the climber began to sing along with the singers, harmonizing with their melodious chant.

Hearing him through the forest, the singers became aware of this harmony and thought the singing was quite good. However, when the climber walked out of the forest and revealed the tattoo on its chest, the group of singers suddenly stopped singing and began to stare at the climber with a sense of shock and horror which made the climber feel ashamed and afraid.

The crowd of singers, showing their disgust on their faces, began to crowd around the climber who had dared to disobey the rules and started to shout and spit at this outsider. They felt dirty and defiled by the fact that they had been tricked into singing along with a climber, and so their anger and hatred began to grow until they were ready to kill.

But before the crowd of singers could lay a hand on the disobedient climber, a particularly compassionate and brave singer in the back began to sing a loud and beautiful solo which stopped the crowd in their tracks. Realizing it didn’t need to feel ashamed, the climber then lifted its bowed head and answered the singer’s call with a matching harmony.

As the two became louder, they began to feel a sense of pride and liberation which stood in defiance of their tattoos and their sacred traditions. One by one, the other singers gradually overcame their fear and joined in until they had a full chorus going. Soon other climbers in the forest began to hear them and see them all singing together before they joined in too.

As the song grew louder and more powerful with the addition of more climbers, the song soon reached all the way to the coastline where the swimmers swam, and to the mountains where the dancers danced until every being on the earth was singing in unison. In that moment, the power of their different tattoos to control them was no more, for they felt a sense of freedom and unity that none of them had ever experienced.

From that day on, they began to do away with the old traditions of selective teaching and tattooing. Instead of marking and attempting to control their offspring, they began to teach their children without prejudice and raise them without labels, regardless of their appearance, strength, or natural talent.

By the time those with old tattoos and prejudices had passed away, everyone on earth had learned to see each other not as separate beings, but as unique bodies with the same soul – as creatures bound together in the spirit of love, united with each other in the essence of The One.


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