It is late on a cold winter night. Two young girls are having a sleepover. They are both wearing matching pairs of colorful fuzzy pajamas with happy farm animal faces on them. Phones in hand, they share online videos of frolicking baby animals.

Ari: “Did you get that puppy video I sent you?”

Eva: “Totes adorbs!”

Ari: “Totes!”

Eva: “What are you sending?”

Ari: “You’ll see.”

Eva: “Awwww! They’re so adorable!”

Ari: “Aren’t they? I just love cats. I wish I could hug every single one.”

Eva: “Me too!”

Ari: “And sloths.”

Eva: “I know!”

Ari: “Have you heard the sounds they make?”

Eva: “What?! No!? Send me one!”

Ari: “OMG – they’re sooooo cute!”

Eva: “Didn’t I tell you?”

Ari: “I want one already!”

Eva: “Don’t you already have a cat?”

Ari: “Yeah, but you can never have too many animals.”

Eva: “True. My grandma has six cats.”

Ari: “No way!”

Eva: “And a dog.”

Ari: “No fair! Mom won’t let us have a dog.”

Eva: “Why not?”

Ari: “Dad’s allergic.”

Eva: “Aw, that sucks.”

Ari: “It’s whatever. Maybe one day…”

Eva, completing her sentence: “You’ll get a sloth?”

Ari: “I wish.”

Eva: “Me too.”

The two girls are suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Eva’s mother. The two girls grow silent. The mother talks at them through the door.

Mother: “Girls? Girls, it’s getting late. Time for you two to get to bed.”

Eva: “Aw mom, really?”

Mother: “Yes sweetie. It’s almost midnight.”

Eva: “Okay mom, we will.”

The mother walks downstairs. The girls wait until they can no longer hear her footsteps. Eva turns on her phone again. Ari gives her a look.

Ari: “I thought your mom said that – ”

Eva: “That we needed to go to bed?”

Ari: “Yeah.”

Eva: “Where are we sitting right now?”

Ari: “Your room?”

Eva: “No, but what are we sitting on?”

Ari: “A bed?”

Eva: “Exactly.”

Ari: “Oooh. You’re pretty smart.”

Eva: “I know, right?”

Ari: “I wonder what we’ll have for breakfast tomorrow.”

Eva: “My dad’s gonna make us breakfast, I think.”

Ari: “Awesomesauce.”

Eva: “I just love the smell of bacon in the morning.”

Ari: “And sausage.”

Eva: “That too.”

Ari: “What about eggs?”

Eva: “Only if they’re scrambled.”

Ari: “Why?”

Eva: “It makes me feel like I’m eating a baby chicken.”

Ari: “Gross.”

Eva: “I know that’s not what it is, but still…”

Ari: “I know what you mean.”

Eva: “Now you’ve got me all hungry.”

Ari: “Sorry.”

Eva: “It’s okay. Wanna share some more videos?”

Ari: “Okay.”

Eva: “What about this one?”

Ari: “OMG it’s a little piggy!”

Eva: “isn’t it cute? I just love its little snout.”

Ari: “Sooo cute!”

Eva: “I heard they’re smarter than dogs.”

Ari: “Wow, really?”

Eva: “Really.”

Ari: “Who told you?”

Eva: “My dad. He’s a farmer, so he should know.”

Ari: “Cool.”

Eva: yawns

Ari: “Stop, you’re making me –” yawns loudly

Eva: “Sleepy?”

Ari: “Yeah.”

Eva: “I’m gonna try to get some sleep, I think.”

Ari: “Good call. Me too.”

Grabbing their twin plush kittens, they both lie down on the bed, pulling the wool sheets up to their necks. Eva turns off the light. They rest their heads against their soft, down pillows.

Eva: “Night Ari.”

Ari: “Night.”

Thinking of tomorrow’s breakfast, they fall into a deep slumber. The pig video is stuck on replay, and silently repeats over and over on Eva’s phone. Their matching fuzzy pajamas are wrapped around their innocent, fragile bodies. They know they are safe and loved. The disembodied cow and pig faces on them are happy and smiling. In the morning, they awake to the smell of bacon.


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