In the beginning there was The One, for the One had always existed. The nature of The One was to feel and think in union with itself always. It could not depart from itself and escape its own bounds, for it was all, nor could it escape into itself, for to gaze inward was to also to gaze outward.

There also was also no sense in looking, for The One was all-seeing; no sense in learning, for The One was all-knowing. Time did not exist for The One, for the past, present, and future were joined together. The One had only the peaceful experience of observing itself and reflecting on itself for all time, feeling the ever-present ebb and flow of each era washing over its divine mind in a cycle of eternal peace and harmony.

Then suddenly, out the vastness that composed its being, darkness came. It started first as a small black dot, and The One was immediately startled by it, having known all things before it, but knowing not what it was. And so it was that The One felt ignorance for the first time.

And as The One became aware of its ignorance, it gazed curiously into the dot, hoping to discover what it was, for it did not know anything apart from itself. But no sooner had The One engaged this thought that another unfamiliar feeling crept into its mind: fear.

As soon as the seeds of ignorance and fear were planted in the mind of The One, the small black dot suddenly began to grow, and the eternal harmony was broken. The One felt its thoughts and feelings diverge, its peaceful reflection shattered. These thoughts and feelings then scattered into fragmented moments in time and began to take on a separate forms, wills, and powers of their own. It was then that The One felt itself begin to dissipate into the widening void.

And as The One felt itself dissolving and separating before its eyes, it looked out on the other forms that had been so roughly torn from it – forms that it knew intimately. The One, now fully aware of its fate, began to cry and despair, for it longed to gather these scattered forms back into itself. It longed to feel whole once more, though it no longer had the power to do so.

And so it was that The One was dissipated into many imperfect forms. Some of them were strong and others were weak. Some were graceful and gentle, while others were brutish and callous. Some were wise, and others were foolish. But each of them shared a piece of The One which, when added together, completed the whole, though sadly none of them remember their origin. To this day, all created forms bear signs of The One – some to a greater degree, others to a lesser one, with each one possessing varying qualities that can be traced back to the Great Dissipation.

On the earth, the skies, forests, fields, mountains, and oceans bear the subtlest signs of The One, whose being they secretly long to unite with, but can whose expressions are often limited. The animals also bear these signs but in a clearer way, possessing a greater share of wisdom, beauty, and creative power. However, the clearest sign of The One lies chiefly with the human animal, not because they display the most wisdom or beauty, but because they are endowed with the highest feelings of oneness, longing, and hope.

Given enough time, it is thought that one day the human animal will discover and use its hidden powers to overcome the dark void of ignorance and fear that clouds all things, and unite itself with nature and the whole of the universe. On that day, when peace and unity on earth is reached, it is thought that all will become one again, and that the void will shrink and disappear forever as all is absorbed back into the unity of The One.


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